Westbrook-Walnut Grove Volunteer Day 2016

Guest Blog Post by the WWG YES! Team

img_3142On Wednesday, October 19, the WWG Earth YES! team invited all high school to help start a year of giving back to the community. These students took the first part of their M.E.A. break to help rake neighborhood lawns. Bringing their own rakes, over 50 kids showed up to support the effort started by 10 Earth YES! Students. The students in Earth YES! wanted to help the community for a good cause. They knew it might not be a big change to the world, but as they helped, they learned that they make little differences that mean a great deal to people.

With the project completed, the community members spoke to the team about our work. They were pleased with what the students did and what their purpose was. Some neighbors around the yards were intrigued and asked if the students could do theirs (which they did).img_3134

The reason why the Earth YES! team raked leaves was to get out in the community and be noticed as a team. It was a nice way to get the community interested in the Earth YES! team. Linda Xiong- one of the Earth YES! students stated that “We believe that the students who volunteered did it because it was the right thing to do.”

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