Prospective Teams

Interested in joining the ever-growing YES! network? Find all the information you need below!

Enlist a ‘Coach’

YES! coaches are some of our favorite people. They are energetic, enthusiastic about making their schools and communities more sustainable, and fully committed to engaging youth in the process. They are often teachers (sometimes science, ag, or industrial tech, but also language arts, social studies, PE, Spanish, special ed, gifted & talented. . . the list goes on). Interested community members also make excellent coaches—in this case, it may be helpful (though not essential) to include an interested school staff person in the process.

It is no surprise that people of this description are often very busy. We encourage teams to look for a community member or other school staff person to serve as “assistant” coach, or to enlist two equal co-coaches.

Complete and submit your Team Registration Form

Team Registration: To register, please complete the YES! Team Registration Form.

If you are in the Southern or Central part of the state (coordinated by YES! Coordinators Kory Klebe and Kristine Madsen of Prairie Woods ELC and Katelyn Larsen of Ney Nature Center), complete this PWELC YES! Team Registration Form 2017-18

If you are in the NE part of the state (coordinated by YES! Coordinator Jim DeVries), complete this LEC YES! Team Registration Form 2017-18

Contact YES! staff

After your registration is received you will receive a YES! Coach Binder of program materials and information in the mail. Your coordinator will be in touch by phone or e-mail to welcome you to the program and to set up a time to meet personally with your team. The YES! program is designed to “meet you where you’re at” and provide the interaction that is most useful to the unique needs of your team, school, and community.

YES! Coordinators send out weekly updates of YES! news and events, as well as grant opportunities, information resources, and other tidbits that may be useful to teams.

Questions still unanswered? When in doubt, please contact us. We are here to meet the needs of our teams, and we love to hear from you!

Check out the Resources page for an index of documents and materials that are useful for teams and coaches.

Frequently asked questions

Which YES! coordinator should I contact?

You may simply e-mail and we will be in contact with you to guide you to the appropriate Coordinator.

Which parts of Minnesota are presently served by the YES! program?

See map of current YES! teams here.

What if our community is not in the region currently served?

We would still like to hear from you! Please e-mail us at We continue to work on offering the YES! program to more regions of Minnesota, and we welcome communication from prospective teams or partners.

What other communities in my area already have YES! teams?

Please see our current map of YES! teams.

Is there an registration deadline?

While registrations are preferred by October 1st so that teams have the opportunity to attend the Fall Summit, the application deadline is flexible. We value the opportunity to assist prospective teams in laying the groundwork for their teams prior to submitting an application. Please contact us throughout the year if you are interested in hosting a YES! team, and we will help guide you on how to best proceed.

Note: Forms for teams wishing to participate in YES! during the 2017-2018 school year will be accepted beginning March 1, 2017.

When is the team fee due?

The team fee is due prior to the first YES! event of the school year, the YES! Fall Summit.  The date of this year’s YES! Fall Summit will be announced soon for the Southern, West Central and North Central teams and a a separate date will be announced for the Northeast teams!

What funding resources are available to YES! teams?

The YES! program provides project seed funds to every active YES! team.  Each team is also eligible for expense reimbursement (i.e. transportation, substitute teacher fees etc…). Specific amounts vary annually – please contact your coordinator for specific details.

By participating in the YES! program, teams are also competing for YES! awards and prizes. Each spring, teams are judged regionally.

Additionally, YES! coordinators can assist teams in seeking additional support from local organizations and businesses.  Throughout the year, coordinators will also alert teams of numerous grant and award opportunities  for which you can choose to apply.

What other paperwork is necessary to be a team?

Besides the team registration, each team member is asked to fill out a 2017-18 Liability Release and Parent Information Form.  We also require a final report describing your team’s activities in the spring. Report forms and processes vary annually and your coordinator will detail this information for your team at the appropriate time.