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Our work with youth is only possible through the generous support from the people, businesses, and organizations that care about empowering young people. The impact of YES! is relevant to today and important for the future…

  1. YES! youth can and DO make a difference in their communities by taking on energy and environment action projects that solve a real-life need in their school or community;
  2. YES! youth can, not only learn about ways we can improve our energy use and help the environment; they are also seen as resources in their communities; spreading awareness and helping projects come to life; and
  3. YES! youth gain valuable skills of teamwork, project management and creative problem solving, by developing and implementing real solutions to real problems in their community.

As Mayor Andrea Lauer of Royalton, said, “These kids are really passionate about what they do. Their input, advice, and perspective on community projects is very important.”  Help YES! empower students all across Minnesota!

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